Puma Ridge Retreat Activities

Winter sports: Skiing, snowmobiling and cross country skiing and
    snowshoeing. There are overnight snowmobiling trips available.
Summer activities: include, golfing, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, water skiing
    and jet boating on the Salmon and Snake Rivers.

Fishing (both fly and lure): in stream, river and high mountain lakes.

Wilderness: Backpacking, horse packing, hunting, rock climbing,
   photography, and wilderness navigation and survival.

Other: marksmanship (pistol and rifle) and horsemanship. On occasion,
   actually helping with a cattle round up on one of my cousin’s ranches.

Nature studies: Geology including gold and gem prospecting, astronomy,
  wildlife study and photography, special trips into the Hells Canyon gorge,
  the deepest canyon in North America, to observe its unique plant and   

The lodge at Puma Ridge will include a spa/exercise room, hot tubs, infrared saunas, massage room, relaxation and communal area around a large circular indoor fireplace, covered porches and an exterior fire pit.

Note: My personal long term involvement at Puma Ridge (beyond Project Management) would be in wilderness camping trips, marksmanship, horsemanship and nature studies.


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