McCall is like a less populated Lake Tahoe.

Based on my life’s experiences, and at the request of some friends, I have outlined below and on the following pages The Puma Ridge Retreat in the McCall, Idaho resort area.
McCall is like a less populated Lake Tahoe.

McCall, Idaho is the gateway to over 10,000,000 acres of wilderness, from 1,500 ft. elevation on the Snake River to the 10,000 ft. mountain tops. Included in this area are the Hells Canyon and Frank Church wilderness areas and over 500 high mountain glacial lakes.

Puma Ridge Retreat will be a special place where, on occasion, one can leave behind today’s frenetic lifestyle, slow down and reconnect with nature.  
Where you can learn horsemanship, marksmanship and enjoy winter and summer mountain activities. You can learn a little about wilderness survival and acquire the inner confidence that goes with it.

Imagine being on a mountainside and watching an eagle soar 1000 feet below you. Observe the night ski through unpolluted air and an 8 inch Meade telescope or stalk wildlife with your digital camera.


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Photo Gallery

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