Osprey Point
The Bad Times or Survival Option

Years ago, my son (Mark) and I were sitting on a granite ledge overlooking one of Idaho’s great canyons. We could observe seven thousand feet of elevation change, from the river below us with very little snow in the winter, to the mountain tops above us with some snow year round.
There was unlimited fresh water from that snow pack and trees (wood fuel) as far as you could see.

This was an area in which you could grow fresh vegetables for eight months out of each year. My son mentioned that if ever our current lifestyle had to revert to that of the early 19th century, this would be the place to hang out.

In my wilderness journal that day, we started to outline the catastrophes that could threaten our economy to the point that some people would have no choice but to move to a place like this where they would still have the essential comforts of life and be able to survive at a greatly reduced cost.

First on our list of national catastrophes, that early fall 1986, was nuclear warfare, second was a biological pandemic and the third long shot was our country going through a financial crisis  resulting in under employment of 25 to 30 %.

So here we are today. California with its 38 million people is already approaching 25 % underemployment with the worst yet to come. Our national government seems to be following California’s path to higher taxation and more regulation, and there is at this time a world wide flu pandemic (mild at this point). 

So while Puma Ridge Retreat is the focus of this website, There is this other or concurrent option that we will call Osprey Point. The cabins here would be smaller, two or three bedroom, one or two bath and much less expensive. The drive time would be one hour longer and there would be no shopping mall or golf course, but most of the other activities listed for the McCall area would still be available here. There would be hydro generated electrical power (not dependent on the transportation of coal) and gas generator back up. We would stock a supply of food, fuel, medical and other essential supplies.

Future discussion of this option will be done via e-mail, and please refer to Osprey Point.



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