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What will Affect the Cost ?

See construction cost page. These costs are based on an actual property for sale four miles south east of McCall.

Size and type of dwellings. Cost estimates are based on a 1640 S.F. home with upscale amenities.

Lodge costs are based on a 5000 S.F. structure with exercise and massage rooms, hot tub, infrared sauna, a kitchen with a large circular fireplace and covered porches overlooking an outdoor fire pit.

Is this only a mountain get-a-way, or does it also double as a Safe Haven Retreat.

Given all of the above, cost could be $250,000 to $380,000 per family. The first few investor/owners are going to set the cost parameters and then be positioned to make a profit from the ongoing project. Note: See attached cost estimates and investor start up costs.
Why This Area of Idaho?

McCall, Idaho is like a less populated Lake Tahoe.

This is an easily accessible resort area, surrounded by wilderness.

This part of Idaho is far removed from major population centers.

This aspect becomes more important if this site doubles as a safe
 haven retreat.
McCall is a beautiful mountainous area with all of the afore mentioned activities readily available. Note: see Puma ridge activities page...

Two hour drive from the Boise airport and McCall has its own private use and charter airport.

Electrical power is hydroelectric and is not as affected by potential transportation interruptions and potential Cap and Trade legislation.

Why Now?

If you are one of the many thousands of California residents trying to escape from over regulation and high taxation, please consider Puma Ridge Retreat.

Land, construction and interest costs are currently very low. There are currently some foreclosure properties at a very low price.

Individuals that have worked hard for financial security are being  penalized more and more for their effort. Puma Ridge will be a place where you and your family can enjoy the fruits of your long hard labor.  

Our government is borrowing over 6 trillion from foreign countries. It is only a matter of time before we enter a period of hyper inflation and higher taxation.                                                          

Why Me?

 I grew up on a ranch in this area (no electricity until I was nine years old) and know the surrounding wilderness areas intimately.

 I and my extended family know the people, the resources and have political ties in Idaho.

After Boise State and the Army, I spent six years with the Owens Corning Fiberglass Corporation (First three years in Boise as supervisor of warehousing, trucking and rail operations and three years in San Francisco as administrative manager of their export and supply divisions).

 The years I spent with The National Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, in land use and forest fire control, and my time in the army (as senior medical specialist) all contribute to my comfort and knowledge in the wilderness environment.

Over the last 30 plus years, I have become a very knowledgeable commercial and residential builder. Note: See and my Professional page.  In 1985, I was Builder of The Year for The Greater Boise Home Builders Association and in 1986, I was Builder of The Year for The State of Idaho.

 Except for golf and snow boarding, I am proficient in all of those activities listed on the Activities page.

All of my life’s experiences have uniquely qualified me to build and help manage this resort/retreat.

 Should This Resort also be a Safe Haven Retreat?

Do you want this to be safe place for your family during a flu pandemic or any other time of national turmoil? If so, we would stock certain foods, fuel and medical supplies and it would become (my term) a safe haven retreat.

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