Potential Owner Questionaire
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State, Zip Code:
E-mail address:
Your telephone:
What is your age:
Your spouses age:


Have you been to the McCall, Idaho area? No
Do you have friends or relatives in Idaho? No
Do you own a home now? No
Do you qualify for the $8,000 home tax credit? No
Would Puma Ridge be your permanent home? No
Part time residence (three to nine months? No
Vacation home only? No
If vacation home only, would you like option to rent? No
What would be your price range?
Would your mortgage be?
Would you want to move?
What are your top four reasons
for moving to Puma Ridge?
Please rate the following activities in importance to you and your family. Rate 1 to 5 with 1 being no interest and 5 being very important.
Winter activities
Downhill skiing or snowboarding
Cross country skiing or snowshoeing

Spring, Summer, Fall activities
Rafting on Salmon or Snake Rivers
Jet boat trips on Salmon or Snake Rivers
Kayaking on river or lakes
Water skiing
Fishing (stream, river or lake) lure or fly
Backpacking into wilderness areas
Horse packing trips
Wilderness and wildlife photography
Marksmanship   pistol and rifle
Gem and precious metal prospecting
Nature studies

Please rate the following activities in importance to you and your family. Rate 1 to 5 with 1 being no interest and 5 being very important.
How important are the following extra home amenities?
Screened porch with fireplace
Hot tub
Bonus or basement space
Extra garage space for snowmobile etc...

The following items will affect the monthly dues.
How important are these lodge amenities?
Exercise room
Hot tub
Infrared sauna
Massage service
Indoor large circular fireplace
Covered porch
Outdoor fire pit

Grounds area
Complete security fence
Complete snow removal
Street and driveway entry snow removal only
Yard cleanup services

What size community would you like?  
75 or fewer homes without a lodge
100 or fewer homes without a lodge
75 or more homes with a lodge
100 homes plus with a lodge


Are you in favor of very restrictive covenants? No
If a part time residence, would you maintain
a vehicle at your McCall residence?
And need transportation from Boise to McCall? No
Do you favor this being a pet friendly community? No

The closer to McCall and its restaurants and shopping, the more expensive the land.
Would you like to be less than 20 minutes from McCall
Less than 30 minutes
Less than 40 minutes
Doesn’t matter. The seclusion, views etc. are more important.

Do you have friends or family that also want
to move to this type of environment?

As stated in the website, some potential home owners have asked if Puma Ridge can also be a Safe Haven Retreat with some stock of food, fuel and medical supplies to carry the Puma Ridge residences through a few days or weeks of national biological, radiological or pandemic alert,On the scale of 1 (no interest) to 5 (very important), how important is this to you: 

On the concept of Osprey Point. On the 1 to 5 scale, how much interest
do you have in Osprey Point? 

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